Wills and Final Testament

A well drafted will can ensure that your chosen beneficiaries inherit your estate with the minimum of fuss. Our Will writing attorneys will help you plan for the transfer of your estate on death taking into account.

​We will guide you through the options available to you when preparing to write your Will, advising the tax consequences of your proposal. Also a Last Will and Testament should be an essential part of any succession planning for your business.

We do not recommend ‘Do It Yourself ’ (DIY) wills. Sadly, when someone has prepared a DIY will, they die believing that their affairs are in order but in many cases, the Will proves to be difficult to interpret or is sometimes not even valid. AS a result, the family of the deceased may face lengthy and expensive proceedings to finalise the deceased’s affairs. To avoid such complications, speak to us and allow a specialist to prepare your Last Will and Testament for you. It does not have to be expensive.
Once we have ensured that your Last Will and Testament has been validly executed, we store your Will free of charge and will provide you with a copy for your records.