Employment, Industrial Court Actions and Cooperative Society Disputes

Redundancy appears to have become a way of life for many even before the statutory retirement age. Whereas employers have the duty to hire and fire, termination of employments must be done humanly within the confines of the Law. An employee must be paid his full benefits as stipulated in our employment laws. It matters not whether you had a formal letter of appointment, or you were casual or temporary or on contract. The Law treats you as the same, as an employee with rights and privileges. At F. N. Njanja and Company we shall put up for you a spirited fight against your employer and it will surprise you on how much you shall be entitled to be paid

Conversely if you are the employer, we shall ensure that you only pay what the Law entitles you to pay. We shall sufficiently advice you of what the Law expects of you and ensure that you are not caught flat footed by some claims from your employees or even the Government.

The Cooperative movement has expanded with nearly every sector of the economy becoming cooperators. The SACCO movement has grown from the topmost to the lowest of the ‘Chamas’. We shall assist in the formulation of the SACCO’s and in resolving any disputes that may arise there from.