Contractual Matters, Debt Collections, Landlord and Tenant Disputes

We are able to deal with a variety of disputes between individuals and entities that arises from goods or services obtained as a consumer. These come from contractual breaches.

Whether it be the terms of a loan, a credit agreement, or faulty goods or workmanship and debt collections, we have the experience to advise upon and explain your rights, to draft a suitable letter on your behalf and if all else fails, to prepare and issue proceedings for you in the Civil Court.

Where you have come into problems with your landlord as a tenant, or your tenant as a landlord we shall look into the facts and advice on the appropriate cause of action. It could be on the rent tribunal Court or any other forum. 

We will also discuss with you, where appropriate the possible advantages of alternative methods of disputes resolution, such as mediation. We will ensure you are fully aware of the likely cost of pursuing any claim, and sensibly advised on the value of any likely recovery, and chances of success, Court proceedings must  be worthwhile .