International Crimes, White Collar Crimes, Economic Crimes and Tax Offences 

While there is no fixed definition for what constitutes a white collar crime, the term is generally used to refer to a number of non-violent crimes that are grouped together. These crimes typically have cheating or dishonesty as their common element, and the cases are frequently complex and technical. Typically, they are economic and financial crimes ranging from corruption, fraud, computer and cyber crimes, racketeering, embezzlement, extortion to other white collar crimes.

Not every criminal defense lawyer is qualified to defend white collar criminal charges, due to the complex and unique nature of these crimes. Forensic tools is the answer to this white crime stuff.
Our team of defence Lawyers are highly trained in forensic defence work. International crimes which consist of mass murders called genocide, crimes against humanity and related offences.  We are the best of the best in these matters  and other Human related crimes such as murder, robbery with violence, sexual offences, kidnappings, terrorism and other human violence related matters. These are technical offences some of which are capital offences whose penalty is death and thus requires the highest threshold of proof. Because experience has taught us that 80% of allegations in these offences are untrue you shall need us on your side to clear you off allegations of this nature.


We take pride when we come across hardcore criminals who confess to their crimes and seek our help to become good citizens and turn away from crimes. Trust us to pull up the necessary legal process and turn you to a free citizen who has reformed and turned away from crimes.

All our criminal lawyers have the experience and knowledge to provide a powerful and effective legal defense for charges of this nature. At times there can be questionable evidence against the client, which doesn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our client is guilty. If this is the case, our criminal attorneys will be there to show every weakness in the prosecution’s case. We will explore every avenue in eliminating the penalties you could be facing. Ours is to ensure that the prosecution do their work and establish the charge without any short cuts. Sadly for the prosecution, they have never been able to measure up to our tact’s.